Clean Green Repair Machine 19th August

Clean Green Repair Machine June 2017.1

We are having another Clean Green Repair Machine at The Baptist Church on Keynsham High Street.

19th August from 10.30am to 12.30pm

Bring along your items for repair; bikes, clothing, jewellery, electrical items, etc.

If you would like to volunteer to help repair things, please get in touch via email.




The Clean Green Repair Machine, 3rd June 2017

Make do and mend-01

We are organising a pop up repair shop – aka ’The Clean Green Repair Machine’ – from 10.30 to 12.30 in the garden of Keynsham Baptist Church on Saturday 3 June.

Repairs we are already able to offer include: David with bikes, Erica basic sewing, Iain basic electrical, Hazel quilting (not strictly repair, but good use of fabric scraps) – are you able to help with any of these, or have other repair skills to offer? Of course, we will also need things which need mending, so please bring those as well.

At the same time Sally Calverley and other Green Party members will be speaking to passers by on the pavement outside the Baptist Church and it would be great if you could come along and support and/or help if you are able.

Sally will be delighted to meet you and to answer any questions you might have. She will be at the hustings at St Johns church on Monday 22nd and canvassing of course, but if you have still questions to raise, Saturday 3rd will be your chance!

I do hope you are able to come and very much look forward to meeting you.

Team TK

Festival of Nature 2017 – Viewpoints


 ‘Viewpoints’ is a series of three events ahead of Festival of Nature 2017, inviting organisations and residents to consider new water research from across the region. The events are free, and provide networking opportunities over complementary refreshments with speakers and attendees. We’ve saved the best till last as it will be hosted at Keynsham Community Space!


1. Viewpoints Series 1

See images from the first event that took place in Bristol on March 6th:


2. Viewpoint Series 2

How Water Shaped Bath

March 13, 2017: Guildhall, Bath.

Find out more information and book free tickets at:


3. Viewpoint Series 3

Healthy Water

March 23, 2017. Community Space at the Keynsham Civic Centre.

Find out more information and book free tickets at:


Further information about Festival of Nature is available at


#growyourtenner for the Keynsham Wombles


Orinoco has some fantastic news! 

The Keynsham Wombles have been selected to be part of the ‘Grow your Tenner 2016’ campaign. This is where B&NES will Match fund donations of £10 to Keynsham Wombles. B&NES have £345,000 to match fund which is expected to be matched to projects in B&NES within a week and a half!

This money can make a fantastic difference to our community, by changing the attitude of those who drop litter and to remove the danger to wildlife, both locally and globally preventing rubbish making its way down rivers into the sea.

What could your Tenner do?

£10 Will pay for a new litter Grabber
£30 Will pay for a full litter picking starter pack for a new volunteer
£50 Would pay towards the cost of new leaflets to promote our work within the Keynsham Community.

Follow this link to go to our Local Giving page:

Not heard about the Keynsham Wombles? We are a thriving network of local volunteers who work together year round to remove litter from our community – as an example 20 members of the Keynsham Beavers filled 10 sacks of litter from Keynsham Memorial park in under an hour. As well as our network of regular volunteer litter pickers we also organise ‘big womble’ events 4 or 5 times a year. To find out more or get involved please email Orinoco (aka Erica)

Thank you!

Abundance Project – 2016

Apple 4

There are so many apple trees in Keynsham and Saltford, and often they’re so abundant that not all the fruit gets used. Transition Keynsham organises groups of volunteers to pick those apples, share the harvest with the owner and distribute the surplus to community groups and schools that can make good use of them.

If you have an apple tree that needs picking but you find it difficult to do it yourself, let us know and we can help you harvest it.

If you have apples you’d like to donate, but you’re able to pick your tree yourself, contact us and we can lend you crates and apple picking equipment, and someone can come and pick the apples up afterwards.

If you’d like to volunteer an hour of your time picking apples over the next month or two, get in touch.

If you know of any apple trees in neighbours’ gardens, please put them in touch with us!

If you know of any apple trees that are not owned by anyone that could be harvested, please tell us where they are!

We’ll be at Keynsham Farmers Market on Saturday 10th with our press, juicing apples. Bring along a carrier bag of your own apples and we’ll juice them for you. Hope to see you there!

Liz and the apple abundance team.

Keynsham Voice August Column, Abundance project returns to share out Keynsham’s fruit harvest


In case you missed the Keynsham Voice this month you can read our column here:

Transition Keynsham’s abundance project is gearing up for a second year to redistribute surplus fruit from residents’ back gardens to schools and community groups around the area.

Last year 10 volunteers chopped, pressed, preserved and gave away more than 50 crates of apples and pears.

Among the recipients were pupils at Chandag Junior School, who said “apple day” had become the highlight of their week.

This year the group is aiming to expand the scheme, giving  even more surplus fruit to more people.

To help them towards their goal, Transition Keynsham has been awarded a grant of just over £470 by Keynsham Town Council to purchase apple picking and preserving equipment. The group collected the award at a ceremony last month and a spokesperson said: “Transition Keynsham would like to hear from people interested in volunteering during the harvest season between late August and the middle of October.

“Volunteers would only need to give an hour or two during the three months, either picking or distributing fruit around Keynsham.

“We are also asking people who are able to pick their own trees to donate their excess fruit to the project.  Apple picking equipment and crates are available to borrow, and Transition Keynsham will come and collect the fruit.”

To let Transition Keynsham know you would like to get involved in this year’s abundance project, contact the group at or call Liz on 07867 525 951.

Find out more about Transition Keynsham at

Published in Keynsham Voice, August 2016,

Keynsham Voice June Column, World environment day.


In case you missed the Keynsham Voice this month you can read our column here:

Every year on June 5th the United Nations marks World Environment Day. Established in 1972, for the past 43 years it has been a vehicle to highlight global environmental threats, from acid rain to climate change.

This year the focus is on the illegal wildlife trade, which is pushing many species to the brink of extinction.

Every year, thousands of wild animals are illegally killed, often by organised international criminal networks driven by profit and greed.  These networks can threaten peace and security in affected countries, and damage the livelihoods of local communities who depend on tourism. It also severely affects local biodiversity.

Between 2010 and 2012, 100,000 elephants were killed for their ivory in Africa. Three rhinos are killed every day, and the Western Black Rhino has already become extinct. Great apes are already locally extinct in several African nations.

But less well known animals are also under severe threat. Pangolins – scaly anteaters – are the most illegally trafficked mammal in the world. This rampant illegal international trade in almost all its body parts, from scales to skin to meat, is principally driven by demand from China.

And it’s not just animals. Plants are illegally traded too. The rare and beautiful Madagascan rosewood is highly prized in Asia, and suffers from widespread and uncontrolled illegal logging. It’s a very slow growing tree, so demand is rapidly outstripping supply, and there is a real threat of extinction.

This trade needs to be stopped. Politicians, police and customs can make the biggest difference, but individuals can also play a part by finding out more about the issues at or at

And when we go on holiday we can all ask questions and get the facts before we buy wildlife or plant products. By doing that, we can help reduce demand for this illegal trade. Together we can beat this terrible crime against wildlife.

Find out more about Transition Keynsham at

Published in Keynsham Voice, June 2016,